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Meet The Founder of Restore Balance!

Sarah Speicher

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner graduate based in Redding, CA. She currently works at Mercy Medical Center where she provides medical nutrition therapy with an emphasis on disease prevention while educating patients. She also offers private nutrition and lifestyle medicine counseling with an emphasis on gut health, anti-inflammatory lifestyle, pre-diabetes/diabetes prevention, support for cancer patients, pre-natal nutrition, auto-immune conditions such as celiac disease, weight loss and more. Sarah is passionate about her work and feels deeply honored to walk alongside individuals and provide guidance as they heal and move towards enjoying greater health.

If you feel like you don’t know where to start or you’ve ‘tried it all’ and are still frustrated and stuck in your health journey, do-not-despair. Working one-on-one with Sarah is a way forward with greater support which almost always leads to greater long-term success!

How does the Integrative & Functional Nutrition Approach work?

Ok friends, here it is, the IFN healing journey can be broken down into 4 key steps:


Discover Root Causes of Compromised Health


Reduce Inflammation (by
addressing root causes)


Satisfy Your Unique Biological needs  (via personalized nutrition and lifestyle medicine)


Enjoy Vibrant Health!

Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine
Program Options

Kick Start

3 sessions

Initial Interview
Discuss recommendations
Follow up

Anti-Inflammation Reboot

8 weeks

Initial Interview
Discuss recommendations
Follow up x 5
Assess results

Deep Dive

12 weeks

Initial Interview (obtain labs)
Discuss recommendations
Follow up x 9
Assess results (re-assess labs)


Martha’s Success

Working with Sarah has been very rewarding in ways I had not even anticipated and more good things keep happening as I continue this journey. I have been able to save money due to my >20 pound weight loss as I am now able to shop for misses sizes rather than plus sizes; this saves me $5 an item!  Also, because of Sarah, I am no longer pre-diabetic.  In fact, I had not known that I was!  When we began our journey she asked me to request certain lab work.  This revealed that my A1c placed me in the area of pre-diabetes.  This is no longer the case!  My level has gone from 6.2 to 5.5 [over the course of our 3 month program together]. It is hard to explain but even though I still have a lot of weight to lose, I do not feel as heavy.  This is most likely due to less inflammation in my body.  I have physical problems that I will always have that sometimes affect my progress but Sarah just guides me through it.  She is so patient and understanding.  I have also become so much more aware of making healthy decisions by resisting the fast food burgers, etc., that I so enjoy.  It is not worth that brief pleasure.  I had not realized how inflammation effects so much more than just the gut and am now seeking out articles and trying to learn more about this on my own. I have really gained a lot from this program and hope to become more compliant as I continue. There is still much to learn and improve on.

I feel so much better and now look forward to accomplishing everyday tasks and hobbies again!
My heartfelt thanks to Sarah.  I look forward to continuing our journey

Geoff’s Success

“Sarah helped me find the reason I have slowly been gaining weight, and also provided research-based articles on healthy diets. As a result of implementing her suggestions, my nutrition has improved, I feel healthier, and I have lost a noticeable amount of weight in four months.”

Tina’s Success

“I have been working with Sarah regarding my digestive health and ability to heal my gut and physical issues through food and nutrition.  —— Prior to this venture, I was experiencing inflammation in my body. My joints were achy and stuff and my stomach was constantly bloated. I was also suffering from fatigue and lack of energy. Within a very short amount of time (2-3 weeks) I started to notice a difference. My energy was better, my strength coming back and my gut was feeling a bit better. By six weeks, I was an entirely different person. My bloating was gone and there was no pain in any of my joints. —— I have lost a total of 22 pounds and am feeling much better. —— The opportunity to work with Sarah has taught me lifelong lessons. I understand my body and am able to ‘listen’ and feel what it is trying to tell me. I am able to use the tools she gave me to adjust my eating to heal myself. —— The information I have gained is invaluable. So grateful to Sarah!“

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